Seizoen 4/Bonus_Satellite Gourmet On the Road

The Menu of the Future!

🥦We’re Smart World organized ‘We’re Smart Fusion’ for the first time in Brut 172*!

Concept: bringing Vegetables Chefs all over the world together to share their way of cooking with vegetables or even so plantbased food. They can exchange ideas about the menu of the future.

🔶Host was HANS VAN WOLDE of Brut 172** (Reijmerstok, Maastricht). This Chef shared his hands with nr. 1 Vegetable Chef Green Guide EMILE VAN DER STAAK of ‘De Nieuwe Winkel’. They cooked a completely plantbased dinner. 🔶

Sabine was invited for a Satellite Gourmet on the Road and talked to Frank Fol, founder of We’re Smart World and some of the present chefs to know their opinion about future food.

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